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Paul Wilkerson, Executive Director

Paul Wilkerson, Operations Director       

As a lifelong resident of North Little Rock, it's a pleasure to serve the Lord and my community through RCM. I attended Harding University, married my wife Mary, 37 years ago, and we have 3 grandchildren. I worked in a family business for 18 years, for the U.S. Postal Service for 10 years and have been at RCM now for 13 years. Our family attends the Levy Church of Christ, where I have served as a deacon, a shepherd and staff member.


Marci Rhodes, Social Services Director


My name is Marci Rhodes, LCSW.  I am the Social Services and Development Director of River City Ministry.  I bring a diverse background in administrative and direct clinical practice. My professional experience includes the development of clinical curriculum as Program Director for Arkansans for Drug-Free Youth. I have written and administered grants with various community-based programs. As a Licensed Certified Social Worker, I have experience in a variety of settings including residential substance abuse treatment as the former Director of Oasis Renewal Center, day treatment and outpatient mental health settings at Youth Home, Inc., and in a medical setting at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.  


Steven Morris, Minister


My name is Steven Morris, MPA. I am the Minister and Summer Intern coordinator for River City Ministry. My goal is to share the Gospel using a cross-cultural perspective and create a community spirit and presence of Christ in this setting. In 2005, I began preaching in small churches in Arkansas, Mississippi, and North Carolina. I later worked as a youth minister in Mena, Arkansas. During my 4 years in Mena, I took the youth group to RCM to serve meals, but this place became a part of me, so I came to RCM as the Urban Ministry apprentice the summer of 2013. I live in North Little Rock with my wife Kimberly, and our four children; they are my inspiration and the reason for all I do. Since graduating from preaching school, I received a Bachelor’s in Sociology, a Masters of Public Administration, and a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the University of Arkansas in Little Rock.


Jennifer Crafts

Jennifer Crafts       

My name is Jennifer Crafts, and I graduated from Harding University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in social work. Throughout my teen years, I felt the Lord grow my desire to serve the poor, which led me to choose a career in social work. As a college senior, I had the privilege of completing my social work internship at River City Ministry (RCM). Upon graduation, I was hired as a case manager and worked here until September of 2012, when my husband and I had our first son. I took some time off work to be a stay-at-home mom, but when the time came for me to return to work the Lord opened the door for me to return to the RCM family.

Robert Blevins, Bookkeeper

I'm Robert Blevins, a lifelong resident of North Little Rock. I graduated from Harding University with a BA in English and Psychology. I was called to River City Ministry after working in the insurance industry and have found a home here with colleagues I love and a place in God's Kingdom to serve.


Jonda Pieper


My name is Jonda Pieper. Since graduating from Harding University in 1988 with a BSW, I have put my social work degree to use in various fields, including youth work, adoption/foster care, and working with the homeless. Juggling a career and family with the separations, responsibilities and relocations that came with my husband’s 26-year military career was challenging at times, but led to priceless opportunities and life experiences for which I am ever grateful. One such opportunity was the chance to earn a Master of Human Relations through the University of Oklahoma, which I completed while stationed overseas. When my husband retired in 2011, we made the decision to hang our hats in Arkansas, where it all began. God paved the way for me to answer His calling at River City Ministry, where I get to do my part in carrying out His work side by side with people I have grown to love. I believe I am right where God wants me!


J C Thomas, Jr., Therapist

My name is J C Thomas, Jr and I have been preaching, teaching, and serving Churches of Christ since 1971. I served as Director of Diversity at Rochester College in Rochester, Michigan, from 2005-2008. Since retiring from full-time ministry I have worked with my wife, Glenda in our Marriage Coaching ministry, while continuing to preach in various venues throughout the nation. In 2016, I graduated with a Master of Social Work (MSW) Degree from the University of Texas, Arlington (UTA). Since then I have finished all of my classwork for my Doctorate in Clinical Social Work (DSW) with a concentration in Family Studies and Interventions at Walden University. I am currently working on my Capstone Research Project centered on African American Women with Suicidal Ideation, Impacted by Intimate Partner Violence. Furthermore, I am licensed by the State of Arkansas as a Social Worker/Therapist accordingly, I am working with my new family at River City Ministry as a Therapist.

Carol Ezell, Dental Administrator

Hi, my name is Carol Ezell. River City Ministry (RCM) hired me (a wife of 34 years and counting, mother of two, and grandmother of six) in the summer of 2008. I had volunteered at RCM for three years prior to that year. I serve as RCM’s staff Dental Administrator with a current Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) license. My work is hard but incredibly fulfilling and I love it. Each day I invite God to use me in His good work and service here at RCM. I am so blessed to witness God’s life-changing power of love in so many of the people in this place who come seeking refuge and help. I praise God for the good work done here, and I thank Him for allowing me to serve Him through loving those who walk through RCM’s doors.


Debra Millar

My name is Debra Millar and I have been serving at River City Ministry for seven years. I started as a volunteer in the food pantry for three years then got hired on staff to work at the front desk. My husband and I are proud parents of five and enjoy spending time with our grandkids. My favorite part about working at River City Ministry is seeing God’s work in progress in the Ministry and in the people we serve.



Taylor  Brown, Apprentice  

My name is Taylor Brown. I’m a senior social work major at Harding University and currently serve as an Urban Ministry Apprentice at RCM. I came to RCM through the urban ministry internship in the summer of 2016 and started my apprenticeship in the fall of 2017. I am here primarily as a student with the goal of reclaiming God’s image in a broken community.



Dean Ezell

Hello, I’m Dean Ezell, the Medical Director here at River City Ministry (RCM). I have been coming here since 2005, after Carol and I moved back to Little Rock from Mississippi. After I graduated from UAMS, I spent most of my career in the US Navy, and when I left the Navy, I worked for Arkansas Nuclear One in Russellville. After a short time as the Medical Director for Nissan in Canton, Mississippi, we moved back to Arkansas. When I’m not at RCM, I teach in the Physical Therapy program at Harding University. Working at RCM, I see the true good news, the love and grace of Jesus at work in people’s lives every day. I’m honored to be a part of it.


Laura Dove

 My name is Laura Dove and I grew up in Little Rock, AR. I serve as the Dental Director at River City Ministry (RCM). I received my BS degree from Harding University and my Masters from the University of Houston. In 1995, I graduated with a DDS from the Tennessee University Dental School of Memphis. Initially in 2009, I began work with RCM by working in the food and clothing room, answering phones and helping serves lunches while awaiting receipt of my Arkansas Dental License. Then, with license in hand, I began serving patients one day a week in the dental clinic with Carol Ezell. Together we started from scratch and have been able, with God’s blessings, to provide full mouth dental care to many people. Working at RCM has been a wonderful blessing for me and I do look forward to RCM’s Friday clinic days.

Anthony B. Wright


My name is Anthony B. Wright, but people call me B. Wright. I serve as the Ministry’s custodial worker and food distributor for our food pantry. I started coming around River City Ministry in 2004. In 2005, I started making changes in my life for the better was baptized into Christ. The same year I started on staff. I remember when River City Ministry was being built in 1999. I have always been a praying man, and I felt that God gave me a vision of what this place was going to be. I work here for God’s glory and want to share the gospel of Jesus to those we serve.


Duane Jones

My name is Duane Jones, and I have been a part of the River City Ministry (RCM) family for 9 years. I work as an assistant in the dental department and at the front desk. River City Ministry is a fun place to work – there is nowhere I would rather be. The Ministry has blessed my life in many ways, and I like to serve and help others by working here.