Summer Internship Program

Overview & Where You Will Serve

This internship serves River City Church & River City Ministry, both located in the inner city of North Little Rock, which is known for its culture of generational poverty.

River City Church (RCC) is a small, diverse congregation of different races, cultures, age groups & socio-economics. We want to share God’s love with the at-risk youth in our neighborhoods and the people of our community. Check out  RCC Student Ministry - Facebook Page.

River City Ministry (RCM) is a faith-based, non-profit organization seeking to serve the poor, homeless & addicted by feeding the hungry, clothing those in need, caring for the sick through their pharmacy, medical, vision and dental clinics, and sharing the gospel message daily.   Please visit our home page.

You have the option of serving: 1) solely at RCC spending all your time with the youth group, or 2) at RCM in the mornings and with RCC’s youth in the afternoon/evenings.

The internship begins with an orientation on May 26th and concludes on August 2nd. There will also be an Intern Recognition service on Sunday, August 2nd. Family members are invited to attend.

Daily/Weekly Structure

• Responsibilities vary depending on each week’s activities, but you will generally work 8 to 12 hrs/day.
• Interns have an opportunity to meet weekly with their leaders to ask questions, pray, and process what they are learning, seek advice and discuss how this experience is affecting them and others spiritually.
• RCM/RCC interns generally have Fridays & Saturdays off to rest and relax, spend time working on required readings and accountability sheets, and for personal time with God. Days off for RCC interns depend on the week’s activities. There will be times when interns will need to work on their days off.

River City Church Youth Activities

• Spend one to two weeks at summer camp
• Youth activities: sleepovers, camping, hikes, water parks, swimming, outdoor parks, basketball, and game nights
• One-on-one time with kids and teens (tutoring, mentoring, etc) and visiting the homes and families of our youth
• Youth service projects and prayer walks in the community
• Plan and lead Bible classes, devotionals, and VBS 

River City Ministry Activities

• Help prepare and serve lunch to the homeless, take turns leading the lunch devo and/or songs
• Work in the different areas of the center: medical, dental, pharmacy, food pantry, Bible studies, front reception desk
• Devotional talks with the homeless 
• Share your faith & passion about Christ with others, listen to their stories, assist in baptisms

General Qualifications 

• Must be a serious follower of Jesus—possessing evidence of spiritual growth and maturity. 
• Must be active in fellowship with a family of believers.
• Must be committed to maintaining Biblical (Christian) standards of moral purity and ethical conduct in all areas of life—abstaining from illicit drug & alcohol use, tobacco products, profanity, and sexual impurity.
• Be interested in inner-city, poverty, and/or homeless ministry.


• Maintain communication (email, text, phone) leading up to and during the internship.
• Arrive promptly, be dependable and responsible, and stay accessible by cell phone while working.
• Represent Christ at all times.
• Remember you are an adult leader, not a youth participant.
• Make sure all rules and regulations are followed. 

Housing & Transportation

• If you have family or friends in the area, you may stay with them. If not, we will help you find housing.
• It is best to have a car because the majority of your responsibilities require reliable transportation. However, this is not a deal-breaker—we can work with you.

Getting Paid

• You will raise your own funds ($3,000 recommended) in order to experience being “sent out” as a missionary. Money can be raised through your network of churches, family and friends. You will receive $300/week and a final check for the balance raised upon completion of the internship. You are responsible for all of your non-ministry expenses.

Application Process

1. Fill out the Application here
2. Begin raising your support so it is finalized by May 15.
3. Questions? Contact Steven Morris (706) 669-2773;  or Kyndra Thomas - (501) 258-0687;