Brokenness is Universal, God is the Solution.

River City Ministry is a faith-based, nonprofit dedicated to providing for basic needs and connecting people to God through Christ-Centered relationship. To accomplish this holistic effort, River City Ministry seeks to:

Since, the 1980's River City Ministry has grown from a street outreach to include a 501c3 social services agency. River City Ministry, located at 1021 East Washington in downtown North Little Rock, operates as a charitable medical, dental, and vision clinic with an accompanying pharmacy. River City Ministry offers a diverse of professionals. The social services clinic is staffed by case managers, three licensed Social Workers, and two licensed clinical therapist. The medical clinic is blessed by a staff RN, contract M.D., and countless volunteer doctors, pharmacist, dentist, medical techs, ophthalmologists, a psychiatrist and nurses. We are also a training ground for students in the medical, human services and ministry fields, and love having interns learn and grow with us.

Our clients come to River City Ministry for a number of reasons...shelter from an Arkansas summer or a freezing day, to get a hot meal, to take a shower, to meet with a mental health professional, to see a doctor, to wait, to hide, or sometimes to be found. Most clients feel abandon, rejected by the world, River City Ministry seeks to be their home. River City Ministry is the place where the broken can come to find respite and rest. It is truly amazing to witness hope appear where there has been none. Each person who comes through our doors is a unique opportunity to show the love of the Lord.

The Williams family came to Arkansas after they lost their jobs due to their place of employment closing. When River City Ministry met the Williams' they were homeless, a place they never imagined. Disappointed by extended family who promise assistance and shelter, but provided heartache, Mrs. Williams cried out in despair for their three children. God heard her cry, though she did not believe He knew her.

As a Licensed clinical Social Worker for more than 12 years now, I have practiced in a number of settings. One thing that is consistent across the board is change takes time. But, I have learned miracles do not. River City Ministry worked with a local emergency shelter to house the Williams family together, so the children would not be separated from both parents. Within two months, both parents had secured gainful, full-time employment. Thanks to River City Ministry's community partnerships, they are renting a three room duplex thanks to one of the many housing grants RCM administers. The family is working with River City Ministry volunteers on debt counseling. The family now has an insured, paid for van and no revolving debt. They are working to settle outstanding medical debt. River City has provided much needed dental work and will provide the parents free medical care. The children are receiving ArKids and the school aged child is enrolled in kindergarten. They have NO cable TV or "luxury" bills, and utilize the government cell phone program. Mr. and Mrs. Williams have even attending parenting classes at a local church which they now attend. Is that not a miracle...that level of assistance, change, growth?

These extensive details are provided to communicate the holistic services available at River City Ministry. Heart, mind, body and soul, we strive to care for our clients every need. It takes a huge support base, not just financially. Through River City Ministry's partnerships with local social services agencies, government grants, area churches, civic groups, countless volunteers and above all the grace of God, we are providing for basic needs and connecting people to God through Christ-Centered relationship.